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Spider Vein Removal

Easily remove unattractive spider veins.

You see them just below the surface of your skin – unsightly areas of purple, red and blue lines that look like urban roadmaps. Spider veins are common, affecting nearly fifty percent of men and women over 50 years of age, and are most prevalent on thighs and lower legs. Unlike varicose veins that are large, ropy and sometimes painful, spider veins are small and easily treated.

During your initial confidential consultation, Dr. Paul Talbot will discuss the various treatment methods and recommend one or more options. Small spider veins are typically treated using laser technology. If the area of veining is extensive or if the veins are larger, laser treatments combined with sclerosing solution injections will prove most effective and will likely require more than one appointment.

Anesthesia is not required for either procedure and there is little to no pain or disability. There may be some bruising, but you will likely be able to return to your daily activities immediately.

One of Mississippi’s Top Spider Vein Removal Surgeons

Dr. Paul Talbot, the current Medical Director at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg, is well known throughout Mississippi and the surrounding areas as one of the top spider vein removal surgeons. Dr. Talbot has already performed spider vein removal procedures on patients from many of the surrounding areas, such as Biloxi, Thomasville, Gulfport, and Mobile.

How Much Does Spider Vein Removal Cost?

Every spider vein procedure is unique. Therefore, the cost of spider vein removal is different for each patient, and depends on the extent of the procedure. The Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg offers financing options to assist you with the cost of your spider vein removal procedure.

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