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Plastic Surgery Costs & Financing

The plastic surgery center offers financing through Care Credit. Care credit is a credit card offered to patients exclusively for health care services. There are several different plan options offered by Care Credit depending on your financial situation.

Benefits of Financing Your Cosmetic Surgery

Since most health insurance companies do not cover cosmetic surgery, it may seem difficult to come up with the money needed at the time. Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg conveniently offers their patients financing through Care Credit. Care Credit offers a no pre-payment penalty. If at some point you are able to obtain the funds needed to pay off your bill, you will not be penalized in doing so. Care Credit offers a variety of payment plans to best fit your budget. They offer payment plans for terms up to 60 months, with fixed rates between 0% and 14.9% depending on which plan you choose.

Plastic Surgery Finance Application Process

In order to qualify for Care Credit, you must first fill out an application. You may want to schedule a consultation with Doctor Talbot first, to discuss pricing. Filling out this application takes about 3-5 minutes to complete. Approval for Care Credit is based on past credit history of the applicant and any co-applicant. You will receive an instant response as to if you are approved or not. If you are approved, your credit card should arrive in the mail in about 2 weeks. You can use your account before you receive your credit card by using the account number on the sheet provided to you upon approval.

Payment Calculator

In order to calculate your estimated monthly payments through Care Credit, click the button below.

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