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Facial Implant Procedures

There’s something about your reflection in the mirror…

Perhaps the contours of your face are not symmetrical. Or your profile isn’t pleasing to you. Whatever you see, you know that changing it would improve your appearance – and your attitude. For many people, facial implants are the answer.

Dr. Paul Talbot of The Plastic Surgery Center in Hattiesburg is skilled in and has considerable experience with these facial implant procedures.

Cheek Implants

Whether caused by age, illness, or underlying bone structure, sunken cheekbones can add years to your appearance. Cheek implants are a possible solution to the problem, giving you a fuller facial image. Cheek implant surgery may also be done in combination with other facial surgeries, including a facelift or blepharoplasty, to create a more youthful appearance.

Chin Implants

Some chins recede, others are too prominent – but no matter its shape, your chin is a major player in your profile. Chin implants can create a stronger jaw line, or create an overall symmetry with other facial features. In fact, chin surgery is often performed simultaneously with or following rhinoplasty to bring the nose and chin into balance for a pleasing profile.

Facial implants are available in several materials and for several facial areas. While they can make a difference in your appearance, it is important that you understand what they can and cannot do, and have realistic expectations about your outcome.

If you’re considering facial implants, or if you want to discuss other options that will change the reflection in your mirror, contact us to schedule a confidential consultation with Dr. Paul Talbot at The Plastic Surgery Center.

One of Mississippi’s Top Facial Implant Specialists

Dr. Paul Talbot, the current Medical Director at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg, is well known throughout Mississippi and the surrounding areas as one of the top facial implant surgeons. Dr. Talbot has already performed facial implant procedures on patients from many of the surrounding areas such as Biloxi, Thomasville, Gulfport, and Mobile.

How Much Do Facial Implants Cost?

Every face implant operation is unique. Therefore, the cost of facial implant surgery is different for each person, and depends mostly on which type of implant the patient wants. The Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg offers financing options to assist our patients with the cost of face implants.

Let us answer your questions or schedule a consultation.

Dr. Paul Talbot Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg
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