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Face Lift Surgery

Reverse the effects of aging and look young again.

One of Mississippi’s Top Face Lift Surgeons

Dr. Paul Talbot, the current Medical Director at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg, is well known throughout Mississippi and the surrounding areas as one of the top face lift surgeons. Dr. Talbot has already performed face lift procedures on patients from many of the surrounding areas, such as Biloxi, Thomasville, Gulfport, and Mobile.

While it is impossible to stop the aging process, face lift surgery can drastically reverse the effects of aging, gravity and the environment. Fine lines and wrinkles, sagging facial skin and eyelids, creases along the brow and loss of skin elasticity are just some of the many reasons more and more women are electing to have face lift surgery. There are many variations of the face lift procedure, and along with Dr. Talbot you can choose your facelift plan based on your age, skin condition, facial contours, and desired results. Typically, female and male facelift candidates are between 40 and 60 years old, although older patients can also benefit. Dr. Talbot’s goal for all of his patients is to achieve a natural looking, more youthful appearance.

What our patients are saying about us

“Dr. Talbot was very caring, and understanding as to what I was looking to improve upon myself. His complete staff treated me as if I was the only patient that mattered. Wonderful people!!!!!!“

“My experience with Dr. Talbot was excellent. The staff and Dr. Talbot made me feel very comfortable from my very first visit. I am very satisfied, pleased, and happy with my surgery and my experience. So satisfied!!! I would highly recommened Dr. Talbot!!!”

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How Much Does Face Lift Surgery Cost?

Every face lift operation is unique. Therefore, the cost of face lift surgery is different for each patient, and depends on the extent of the procedure. The Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg offers financing options to assist our patients with the cost of face lift surgery.



Dr. Paul Talbot Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg
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