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Cosmetic Eyelid Surgery

“The eyes are the window of the soul.” ~ English Proverb

True or not, eyes work hard day and night – opening, closing, widening, squinting. The surrounding skin becomes looser, muscles stretch, and fat beneath the skin bulges as tissues weaken. You appear old, tired and sad even though you are full of life. If that’s what you see in the mirror, schedule a private consultation with Dr. Paul Talbot.

Blepharoplasty, commonly called eyelid surgery, is the surgical removal of the excess skin, muscle and fat from upper and lower eyelids. Occasionally, excess or sagging skin on upper eyelids is so pronounced that it interferes with vision. In such cases, insurance typically covers surgery to the upper lids to allow unobstructed vision.

When you’re ready, you will have the procedure under general anesthesia or with sedation and local anesthesia. Following surgery, you will need to keep your head upright and elevated for at least 24 hours so it will be important to have someone available to help you move about. Eyelid surgery incisions heal very well and, in most instances, are nearly invisible. Only you and Dr. Talbot will know why you look more alert, youthful and happy.

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One of Mississippi’s Top Eyelid Surgeons

Dr. Paul Talbot, the current Medical Director at the Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg, is well known throughout Mississippi and the surrounding areas as one of the top blepharoplasty surgeons. Dr. Talbot has already performed cosmetic eyelid procedures on patients from many of the surrounding areas, such as Biloxi, Thomasville, Gulfport, and Mobile.

How Much Does Eyelid Surgery Cost?

Every eyelid procedure is unique. Therefore, the cost of Blepharoplasty is different for each person, and depends on the extent of the procedure. The Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg offers financing options to assist our patients with the cost of cosmetic eyelid surgery.

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Dr. Paul Talbot Plastic Surgery Center of Hattiesburg
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