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Surgical Procedure DOs and DON’Ts

Surgical Procedure DOs and DON’Ts

iStock_000018280241XSmall-300x199More and more people are undergoing cosmetic procedures, and sometimes the changes are stunning.  A sagging face can be lifted, eye bags can vanish, skin tone can even out, wrinkles can disappear, lines can fill in, cheeks can look fuller, lips can be plumped, furrows can diminish, saddlebags can depart, noses can be refined, deformities can be corrected, and the list goes on.

Nonetheless, it is important to keep in mind that not-so-pleasant consequences might also occur.  One need only pick up the latest tabloid to see high-profile people with unattractive cosmetic results.

Why does this happen?  There are different reasons.  Sometimes the doctor was too aggressive in his or her approach, and sometimes the practitioner wasn’t really qualified to perform the respective treatment.

Since there are assorted factors to consider when undergoing cosmetic enhancements, let’s look at a few DOs and DON’Ts.


  • Do check physician credentials.  When it comes to safety and results, qualifications should be the primary factor.  Unfortunately, the term cosmetic doctor is used loosely in the industry.
  • Do understand the procedure you are receiving (i.e., ask questions).  So, if you are getting a filler for smile lines, make sure you know the type of material being used.  And, be certain the product is FDA-approved.
  • Do seek out a board certified plastic surgeon for cosmetic corrections or improvements.  These expert doctors have extensive training in procedures that involve the face and body.  Risks are minimized, and results tend to be superior.


  • Don’t participate in party settings where procedures, like filler injections, are offered.  Treatment should always be administered in a medical environment with qualified practitioners.
  • Don’t be swayed to believe you need something done to your face or body because everyone else is doing it.  Instead, think carefully about whether or not you will benefit from the change.  For example, some people with thin lips look great when they have them filled, while others with naturally plumper lips tend to look unnatural.
  • Don’t choose a facility simply because it offers the cheapest price.  Even something as straightforward as Botox can have unpleasant results in poorly trained hands.  You certainly would not go to a podiatrist to have crowns put on your teeth.  Therefore, why would you go to anyone but a highly skilled plastic surgeon for cosmetic procedures?

Cosmetic enhancements have opened up a whole new world for many women and men.  Some individuals feel they are more competitive in the workplace, others are happier with the reflection they see, while others are merely pleased they no longer have to hear how tired they look.

Still, the competency of the doctor has much to do with the final result.  For that reason, be sure to do your homework! Find out why The Plastic Surgery Center in Mississippi is a highly qualified facility for your cosmetic procedure by calling 877-247-1294 today!

Dr. Paul J. Talbot
[email protected]
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