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The Nose Often Knows

The Nose Often Knows

iStock_000015615388XSmall1Rhinoplasty is a long-standing, popular surgical procedure; it involves reshaping the nose in some way.  Even slight modifications to this high-profile feature can make a tremendous difference in appearance.

Each nose job operation is customized to the individual; therefore, factors such as anesthesia type, recuperation time, and cost will vary.  Closed rhinoplasty surgery involves very small incisions made on the inside of the nose.  Open rhinoplasty surgery includes tiny inside incisions but also incorporates an outside cut.  Thankfully, external scars often fade to almost invisible levels.

Let’s look at some common nose imperfections people want to correct.

  • Bumps. Some individuals have sizable bumps and removal of the protrusion can dramatically bring about refinement.  Undoubtedly, a full facial appearance becomes impressively enhanced, but the profile sometimes realizes even greater visual rewards.
  • Excessive width.  Certain people have considerably wide noses and wish to narrow the measurement.  A skilled plastic surgeon can slim the width and allow the face to seem more balanced.
  • Excessive narrowness. Significantly wide noses sometimes detract from an otherwise eye-catching face, but extremely narrow noses can do the same.  In this circumstance, a trained doctor increases the width of the nose to attain better harmony.
  • Largeness or droopiness.  A nose that hangs down or is exceedingly large tends to steal the show, but typically not in a good way.  Lifting and/or minimizing the length and/or width can make a huge difference in how an individual looks and feels.
  • Crooked or twisted.  Correcting a nose that lacks symmetry takes skill and expertise.  Depending on the degree of shifting, it may even be difficult for a highly-trained surgeon to attain precise proportions.  Nevertheless, qualified hands can craft vast improvements in the deformity.
  • Minor imperfections. Some people need only slight changes to achieve satisfaction.  For example, the removal of a small bump or slight nostril tweaking can produce gratifying results for certain individuals.  An added perk?  Few people will even know any work was done.

Naturally, there are other reasons why people seek out rhinoplasty besides the ones listed above.  For example, some individuals suffer from nasal fractures, and others are displeased with the outcome of a prior nose job and want a revision.  When rhinoplasty is performed for cosmetic purposes, insurance companies usually do not pay.  However, if breathing is affected because of a structural abnormality (e.g., deviated septum), then insurance may cover the cost.  Other procedures, such as a chin implant, may also be performed in conjunction with rhinoplasty; this tends to beautify the face in people with receding chins.

Rhinoplasty can make a tremendous difference in appearance.  Nonetheless, the preparation and skill level of the physician often determines if the changes are positive.  Dr. Talbot utilizes computer imaging before surgery; this allows individuals to try out different noses to decide which one looks best.  At the same time, he is one of Mississippi’s top rhinoplasty surgeons.  People who come to him know they’re in expert hands.

A reshaped nose?  Who knows?

Dr. Paul J. Talbot
[email protected]
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