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Cosmetic Ear Surgery and Its Benefits

Cosmetic Ear Surgery and Its Benefits

Prominent ears can make children and adults the subject of ongoing jeers.  Even though the remarks are usually blurted in a joking manner, they still hurt.  In fact, these less-than-welcomed comments can lead to long-term anxiety in certain people.

Fortunately, Otoplasty can improve or correct misshapen, protruding, and deformed ears.  Here are some things to know about this procedure.

  1. By age six or seven, ears have usually reached their full size.  However, ear cartilage is still not as firm as it will be in older years.  Therefore, this age category is an optimal time to perform Otoplasty.  Why?  The child is generally old enough to participate in the process, and results are impressive!
  2. Otoplasty takes approximately one to two hours.  This surgery is frequently performed as an outpatient procedure, but occasionally a child may spend the night.
  3. The type of ear deformity (e.g., large ears, malformed ears) routinely determines the scope of the surgery.  For example, sometimes cartilage is removed from the ears, other times the cartilage is reformed, and other times the ears are secured closer to the head with stitches.
  4. The dissolvable sutures used in Otoplasty are placed in inconspicuous areas behind the ears; therefore, scars are not noticeable.
  5. Following the surgery, the head will be wrapped to keep the ears secure; this wrapping is normally worn for about one week.  A headband may also be necessary when the wrapping comes off to further assist in the healing process.
  6. Adults with big or malformed ears are also appropriate for this type of surgery.  Other cosmetic surgeries may be performed on the same day, as well.
  7. Otoplasty can also improve torn or stretched out earlobes caused by injury or long-term earring use.  In fact, earlobes look considerably better!  Following the recovery process, ears can again be pierced.
  8. The results of Otoplasty tend to be dramatic.  In addition, the benefits are long-lasting and rarely need repeating.
  9. Only a qualified, board certified plastic surgeon should perform this type of surgery.  Expert precision is necessary when working on the ears and their delicate components.
  10. The cost of Otoplasty varies, determined by the nature of the procedure. The Plastic Surgery Center provides Financing Options for your Otoplasty procedure if your health insurance will not cover your procedure.

Exaggerated or misshaped ears can make people the subject of many jokes.  Is it right?  No!  Does it happen?  Yes.  Thankfully, Otoplasty can change all that.

Subsequently, if you (or your child) feel awkward about prominent ears, perhaps it is time to discuss your Ear Surgery options with Dr. Talbot.

Dr. Paul J. Talbot
[email protected]
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