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Brow and Forehead Lifts

Brow and Forehead Lifts

iStock_000003924136XSmall-201x300Some individuals develop an annoyed or fatigued look without using any facial muscles at all.  Why does this happen?  Father Time has influenced their features to fall in such a way.  Naturally, gravity results in some degree of sagging for nearly everyone as the years pass on.  Yet, certain faces are more affected by droopiness than others.

If you are a person experiencing considerable sagging and are not bothered by the changes, good for you!  If you are a person experiencing significant sagging and want to do something about it, good for you, as well!  Each individual has his or her own preferences concerning the matter.

A brow/forehead lift effectively raises the upper facial region to minimize or eliminate an angry and/or tired appearance.  Sagging brows, forehead lines, eyebrow furrows, and upper eyelid folds are areas that can be addressed by this procedure.  There are different approaches to correct the forehead and brow area; surgical particulars are often customized to meet the needs of the individual.  Still, let’s look at two of the more common ways to lift a falling forehead.

  • Hairline Procedure.  In this method, an incision is made inconspicuously at the periphery of the hairline.  Skin and tissue are repositioned to decrease wrinkles, minimize or eliminate furrows, raise sagging brows, remove excess skin, and allow the forehead to look substantially smoother.  This approach not only raises the eyebrow area but can also lower the hairline in people with excessively high foreheads.
  • Endoscopic Procedure.  This approach involves a few small incisions made behind the hairline.  It’s favored by some people because it is minimally invasive and scarring is slight.  Still, this technique cannot correct excessively slack skin, so it’s not recommended for individuals with extreme sagging.  Instead, it tends to be appropriate for people who have mild to moderate droopiness.

Unlike quick fixes that temporarily correct forehead wrinkles and furrows but need to be repeated, lifts are impressively long lasting.  This is a surgical procedure, nonetheless, and like any other surgery, there’s some degree of risk involved (albeit the risk is minimal).

The preliminary recovery from a forehead lift usually takes seven to ten days, although the area will continue to heal beyond that time.  Many people are able to return to work in a week or so.  Discoloration, if still present, can usually be covered with makeup.

A forehead/brow lift takes years off the look of an aging face!  People who undergo the procedure say they feel refreshed, energized, and more youthful.  This surgery can be combined with other facial enhancers, like eyelid rejuvenation, for a fabulously younger appearance.

So, if a sagging forehead is weighing you down, elevate yourself by calling Mississippi’s Best Brow and Forehead Surgeon Dr. Talbot today.  His expertise raises all kinds of standards.

Dr. Paul J. Talbot
[email protected]
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